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Kids Karate in Scotland

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Kickstart Your Child's Journey With Kids Karate Classes!

Some parents think that Karate is all about punching and kicking, but that couldn't be further from the truth!

At Senjokai Karate Academy, we offer traditional Shotokan Karate classes that will help your child develop strong core values and lasting life skills. Our core values are Honour, Integrity, and Character -- these values pervade everything that we do! We want to help children in East Ayrshire and from across Scotland develop confidence, discipline, respect, and to become happy and healthy members of our community. 

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Wee Ninjas Club (Ages 4-6)

Our Wee Ninjas Club is one of the most successful martial arts clubs in Scotland! Help your child learn teamwork, discipline, and courtesy through Shotokan Karate. Our Wee Ninjas Club also promotes cognitive development, emotional and social growth, speech and language learning, and gross motor development! Our students perform better in school and behave better at home. Senjokai Karate Academy is proud to lay the foundations for a happy and successful life for your child!

Karate Kids (Ages 7-11)

Our Karate Kids program provides a fun and dynamic atmosphere where children of all ages can gain social skills, athleticism, and gain in compassion and courtesy. Get your child started on learning anti-bullying strategies, fundamental self-defence, and on more advanced Shotokan Karate techniques by enrolling them in Karate Kids!

Join us in East Ayrshire and help your child unleash their inner ninja! Our team at Senjokai Karate Academy is proud to offer the best Kids Karate classes in Scotland, giving children from our community every opportunity to succeed by empowering them with traditional martial arts training!

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Help your child develop Honour, Integrity, and Character through traditional Shotokan Karate! Our team of award-winning instructors here at Senjokai Karate Academy will serve as mentors to help your child learn, grow, and thrive. Join us in East Ayrshire for Scotland's favorite Kids Karate Classes!

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