Black Belt Excellence Programme


Dear student , parent and guardians,


Senjokai Karate Academy and Wee Ninjas Kids Club are proud to introduce the “Black Belt Excellence ” programme.

Every month throughout 2017 and beyond you will receive a free PDF Magazine to read or print off from PC or tablet aimed at students of primary school age.

Each issue will cover skill or ethic we are working on in our classes. Each issue also contains a worksheet and art task to be completed by the student and handed in at the end of every month.

If the student takes the time to do this, not only will they will receive a certificate of achievement to recognise their hard work, the student the most certificates will be put forward for a special award at the awards dinner in December!

We hope you find this a valuable tool in bringing the lessons and ethics taught in our karate dojo into the real world and add value to our club.


Sensei Liam Gallagher

Senjokai Karate Academy



Black Belt Excellence programme is used with permission of BBE and may not be used without licence by any other group.